Rebels and Non-conformists!

I suppose a very large majority of us would describe ourselves as a rebel or a non-conformist at the very least. We like to think that our taste in music, food or even people is different from the next person. After all, who would ever wanna be just another brick in the wall? However, this … Continue reading Rebels and Non-conformists!


Here’s to a great life!

What do you mean by ‘a great life’? Or rather, what makes a life ‘great’? This question has been bothering me for the past couple of days and I decided it was time I wrote down what I felt about it and hopefully try and arrive at a decent answer. Is the greatness of a … Continue reading Here’s to a great life!

Do virtue and success go hand in hand?

How often have we heard that good things happen to good people? As if, being virtuous guarantees success in life. Sure, it is good to be good but to believe that being good entitles you to good things in life is ridiculous and bordering on delusional. Bad things happen to 'good' people just as much … Continue reading Do virtue and success go hand in hand?